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Ontario Junior Hereford Association

The Junior board is ran by the Juniors for the Juniors. The Board is meeting on a regular basis gearing up for the 2024 Events. The Juniors are in the process of planning the Annual Beef-A-Rama. The Juniors are looking forward to seeing everyone around and meeting new faces at events and meetings. 

Ontario Junior Hereford Board

Adult Advisor: Megan Jones

Adult Advisor: Jennifer Hess

President: Connor McNaughton

Vice President: Rebecca Hess

Secretary: Olivia Avery

Treasurer: Katie Cox

Communications: Kaleigh McNaughton

Directors: Garth McIntyre, Abby McMullin Caelan Pugh, Cooper McNaughton, Sydney Stewart, Nicole Ouimet

Junior Directors: Andrew Jones, Ryan Jones, Hailey Van Esse

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The Juniors are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



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