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Today’s progressive beef producers know the value of Hereford genetics in their breeding program. For maximum hybrid vigour, superior maternal ability, time-tested longevity, and easy to manage characteristics. Hereford’s unique value is critical for long term success.

It’s time to better your beef, and better your business, with the tried and true benefit of Hereford

For More information check out the Canadian Hereford Website 

Maternal, economical, easy-doing, fertile, adaptable, dependable, convenient, versatile, longevity, hardy, docile, marbling, profitable…

Top price at the auction market for your good Hereford and Hereford influence feeder calves and replacement heifers.

The Hereford and Hereford influenced female is more moderately sized requiring less to maintain her condition and produce a proportionately larger calf. 

 The cattle business is a family business, so the docility of Herefords gives you peace of mind when your children and grandchildren are working along side.


This fertility combined with the calving ease of Herefords means you are achieving a higher calf crop percentage.

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